Thank you so very much for your help with my back yesterday. Today the part of my back you worked on has no pain at all. Magic.

M.R., Seattle

This is to let you know that on Friday, as I started to walk Jack, our dog, I was trying to assess my level of pain. I thought it was a bit less and that the quality of it had changed. I was so preoccupied with this that I was 1/4 way through the walk when I realized my facial muscles were relaxed–I was not gritting my teeth nor grimacing with every step. I realized I could smile easily. Also, I was not swinging my leg to the side in a stiff-legged limp. Although I had a mild limp, it was nothing like it had been before your treatment. I made the entire walk, whereas the day before I did about 3/4 before quitting due to the pain. I’m celebrating the greatly increased range of motion! Yay!

(The next day) The miracle continues: today I was able to alternate legs walking up stairs. This hasn’t happened for weeks. And I was able, not only to make dinner, but also to wash most of dishes afterward. This hasn’t happened for several days. I have been too tired, and it has been too painful to stand upright for that long after dinner.

S.C., Seattle

Dr. Connie’s work is eminently practical–it lets me be more in tune with myself and therefore more attuned to the needs of my clients.

J.H., Seattle

When I first started seeing Dr. Connie I would get neck aches that would last for a few days at times. Through her care, I get fewer aches, and when I do, I normally just have to go home and stretch and they go away!

G.P, Seattle

I want to thank you for your incredible kindness-love-support and wisdom… You have helped me to begin to believe in my body–a feat that I know will be an ongoing process. Honestly, I was in a bad mind set when we met, but the true sadness, the depth of my despair, was so paralyzing I could barely believe or think of a tomorrow. Thank you feels like such a trivial word for what you have given me: a seed of life. I will always extend my thanks, gratitude and deep respect.

C.T.S., Los Angeles

Thank you for the care and the adjustment that you gave me yesterday. It was wonderful, quick and surprisingly powerful. I say POWERFUL because after meandering my way home I made a couple of phone calls and then “merged with my mattress” for at least two hours. The change in the feeling of my energy was profound–going from feeling that it was trying to fully accelerate but was running extremely rough and erratically to a place where it was very finely tuned and running with ease, even to the singing cells. The adjustment went to a very deep place, and I know that I am still processing today.

A.H., Port Angeles

I feel a general sense of control with my body because I am more in touch with what it needs when I experience stress.

Clara Berridge

Dr. Amundson’s work has been of immense help to me for many years. I am grateful for her sensitivity and awareness as well as for her expert knowledge and skill. My weekly visits to her office are an essential contribution to my health.

D. Thome, Ph.D.
University Professor (retired)

Dr. Connie is a true healer! You can feel healing energy emanate from her wonderful hands in every touch. She also listens deeply and that makes communicating with her so wonderful. Dr. Connie always makes me feel safe and cared for. Currently, I see her once a week for health maintenance, but she is also invaluable in a healing crisis, whether that be from a car accident, to help recover from other types of illnesses or simply throwing your back out due to too much gardening! She is so well versed and I love how Dr. Connie uses a plethora of healing modalities, customizing care just for me. She has my complete trust!

Rev. Judith Laxer

Dr. Amundson has a knowledge of human physiology that I’ve yet to see matched. While her Network Care is well-nigh miraculous, I find her advice about everything from ergonomics to nutrition to be equally invaluable. One could not ask for a better or more complete package in a chiropractor. My lower back has never felt so good!

Jonathan Silliman

Connie has really helped with the neck pain I was experiencing and also increased the flexibility of my spine. Her breadth of technique that complements the basic Network Care approach has been very effective for me. I would recommend her highly (I have been to 9 or 10 other Network chiropractors since giving up on conventional chiropractic practitioners).

Richard Norris
VP of Finance and Administration
Antioch University

I have known Connie Amundson for over 30 years and have watched her grow as a healer and a person. We met when we were both studying the Alexander Technique with Marj Barstow in Lincoln, Nebraska. We connected again when she moved to Seattle in 1977. We worked and played together in theatre and in Aikido, but her interest in health and well-being eventually led her to a career in the healing arts, with chiropractic as her basis.

Connie has been my chiropractor for nearly 25 years. What I appreciate most about her work is her openness and willingness to learn new approaches and techniques, her empathy and her ability to clearly connect with each of her clients. She is flexible in her approach, and partners with you to improve your health and life. I can honestly say that my health, coordination and enjoyment of life are better for having known and worked with Connie all these years.

Catherine Kettrick, Ph.D.
Director, The Performance School

When I first started seeing Dr. Connie Amundson, I had been abused by the medical system, being told that I had incurable conditions that could only be treated with large numbers of prescription drugs. However, the treatments I was getting from traditional medicine only made my conditions worse. I had lost a lot of hope, but was still determined to find alternative solutions.

Working with Dr. Connie has changed my life in so many ways. I have hope once more, and I am able to do things I thought I would never be able to do again. The work with Connie helped me to get my spirit back. I feel like the improvements made have gone beyond physical changes, to also include spiritual and emotional growth. People have said that they can see a change in me, my eyes are alive again.

I now have a much healthier lifestyle and have seen a great deal of improvement in my pre-existing conditions. I know that I still have more growth ahead of me, but I feel the work has enabled me to make healthier choices in all aspects of my life.

One of the highest compliments that I can give to Connie is that she truly has the spirit of a caregiver. As a client of Connie’s, I have felt nothing but compassion and caring from her as a practitioner. After being treated horribly by many practitioners in the healing professions, it was truly a gift to have the chance to work with Connie. She never blamed the person in pain for their circumstances and always encouraged the client to see healing as a process. She invests in her clients, and that compassion show in her work, and I for one have definitely been able to reap the benefits.

Beth Peterson, MFA
College Instructor